Sunday, 19 February 2017

Buckles & Baldrics !

For many years I have wanted some Scottish weapons , replicas of course and on returning to NZ, I was given a nice French replica sword without a baldric. So today with some free time I set about drafting a 1-1 scale paper pattern of the 18th century baldric . This will come in very useful not only to make my baldric , but if anyone else wanted one I will have a good pattern to go by.  Once I have finished some custom orders and I get time I will use the pattern below to make a nice vegetable tanned 3mm cowhide baldric.  To make it period correct I also have purchased 4 x brass double D buckles , One for this baldric and the remaining buckles for stock in case anyone wants something the same.

The style of Baldric I hope to make is pictured below