Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Leather sword baldric

A little while back I made a paper pattern for an 18th century leather sword baldric, see the previous post.  Using I do not have a lot of spare leather left over from custom orders, but recently I did so I cut out some 3mm vegetable tanned leather and stitched it together with some tan linen thread. After it was finished I coated it in mink oil to slightly change the colour and to waterproof it, it will also change colour with age and should look very authentic with time. The nice replica 18th century buckle was purchased from Canada , overall it turned out pretty well for my 1st ever sword baldric and the scabbard fits nice and tightly into the baldric keeping the sword secure when moving. Pictured below are a few photos of the finished item .

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Buckles & Baldrics !

For many years I have wanted some Scottish weapons , replicas of course and on returning to NZ, I was given a nice French replica sword without a baldric. So today with some free time I set about drafting a 1-1 scale paper pattern of the 18th century baldric . This will come in very useful not only to make my baldric , but if anyone else wanted one I will have a good pattern to go by.  Once I have finished some custom orders and I get time I will use the pattern below to make a nice vegetable tanned 3mm cowhide baldric.  To make it period correct I also have purchased 4 x brass double D buckles , One for this baldric and the remaining buckles for stock in case anyone wants something the same.

The style of Baldric I hope to make is pictured below 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Leather Craft

It's taken a few months but finally I have got my own flat, a nice upstairs apartment in Oamaru's main street and recently have just started leather work again in my spare time. I have been inundated with orders for my wet formed leather bags so have just started on them. When I have some time in between customers orders I need to make an 18th century baldric for my French sword. The style of baldric will be the same as the one pictured above and now I have a fantastic stitching pony on which to stitch it together. At a later date I will be making traditional 18th century baldrics in vegetable tan leather for sale with brass double D buckles , so if you have a sword and need a good quality baldric correct for Jacobite reenactment get in touch with me. I will also be making other items as well such as plaid belts and sporrans.