Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A Harris Tweed weaver

The Isle of Harris in Scotland has long been the home of the world famous Harris Tweed, where home based weavers such as the one featured in the fantastic video continue to make tweed of various patterns. For those interested in the Jacobite period Harris tweed is the best woven tartan that closely resembles what was being made in Scotland in the 18th century. Not all Harris tweed tartans are suitable, but the muted non bright tartans are perfect for any 18th century Jacobite impression. While some may be scared off from purchasing this tweed because of the high price , please remember the hours that go into making such tweed and the quality is reflect the retail price, you will not be disappointed in the quality I can assure you. So watch the attached video to see how it is made !

A Harris Tweed Weaver from alistair80537 on Vimeo.

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