Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Clan Campbell

If you are from clan  Lamont or one of it's septs, l do not need to explain to you why we are not friendly with Clan Campbell. Apart from treating the Lamont clan badly and taking sides with the English, they generally were not popular in the Scottish highlands. In fact many taverns had and some may still have signs reading " No Campbell's Allowed ". Out of principle l do not support any businesses owned or operated by members of Clan Campbell, which means I do not eat their shortbread, luckily Walkers makes a nice shortbread instead. To my dismay the town where I now reside has a popular butchery called " Campbell's Butchery " , you really have to search hard in the local supermarket to avoid any of their products as they make sausages, black puddings and other small goods.To make matters worse it seems they are quite proud of the family roots and even have a stylized clan badge featuring a wild looking boar on their signage . It makes me wonder if they really know much about their Clan history at all. Pictured in this post is their family butchery logo !