Friday, 28 October 2016

My new sword - a French epee du soldat

When l lived in Japan, l was unable to purchase any replica Scottish weapons , such as firearms, swords etc. But when I decided to return home to be closer to sick family members here in New Zealand. I did start window shopping for jacobite period swords , even though I did not have the extra funds to purchase anything at the time. While the Scottish basket hilt swords are the most popular among reenactors. That is not your only choice. If you wanted to portray a lower class of jacobite , there is nothing wrong with only having a locharbour axe !. After receiving some fantastic advice from my good friend Henrik who is an expert on jacobite period weapons he also mentioned the French epee du soldat sword which was brought over in great numbers from France to arm the jacobite groups. The Scottish basket hilts were only carried by 25 percent of the troups as they were very expensive. The rest were armed with older swords, French swords such as the one mentioned above or British infantry hangers that were captured from enemy troops. I had already decided that as l am trying to portray middle-class rank and file jacobite that the French sword would suit me best. So imagine my surprise to be given one by my good friend clansman Maclean on my birthday. I was almost lost for words - those who know me well would tell you that is quite a rare thing. So l would like to save a big thanks David, for presenting me with my 1st ever sword !. Looking forward to making a nice leather baldrick for it when I get time.  Posted below is a photo of my new sword.

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