Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Over night hike reenactment

As there are no 18th century history events for the Jacobite period here in Japan , I usually entertain myself with making period kit and doing research. But this October if the weather allows me a couple of fine days I plan to do a hike to a camping spot up in the mountains overnight. My regular work schedule currently does not give me a lot of free time but I think I have come up with a plan to make use of what little free time I have to go camping before it gets to cold - at present it is just too hot for what I have in mind.

The Plan :  To walk from my inner city apartment to the main train station 2.8km then catch a train to the countryside town of Suibara and from there walk 11km out of the town to a free riverside campsite that I like. Highlights of the walk will include lots of concrete roads unfortunately but I will pass a lagoon, the fantastic award winning Swan Lake craft brewery which opens daily at 11am and a much needed fresh water spring. The total distance from Suibara train station to the campsite at 200 mtrs elevation is only 11km but I will be wearing full 18th century Jacobite kit and carrying everything that I need. I will be dressed similar to what you can see below plus I will also be carrying a period water canteen.

At present the plan is not to take a tent but to sleep rough outdoors at the campsite , in case of rain there is a covered shelter nearby . Cooking will be done over a campfire next to the river and as I will not be carrying any pots nor pans all cooking will be done over the open fire. Extra rations will be some bread and cheese and the main evening meal will be some meat and vege . For breakfast I will make porridge and one nice part about the 2nd day is I will get to take an outdoor hot spring in the mountain village before retracing my steps back to the station. Pictured below is a map showing the main route .

I would rather be walking on unsealed gravel roads , but as they are few and far between in Japan unlike my home country of New Zealand I am making the best of what I have . I have cycled the route several times and know it well and even though its a short distance it will be a good test for any future trips that I might want to do. Pictured below is a screen shot from the bridge looking down upon the Oku Murusugi campsite, There is a toilet block to the left of the picture but the nice green area next to the river offers a great place for a campsite either above or below the dam.

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