Monday, 16 May 2016

Wet formed leather bag

In my quest to improve my leather work skills I purchased a fantastic book by the British leather worker Valerie Michael.

The book has a good selection of projects from beginner to advanced ,so I jumped straight to the advanced sectioned and have just started making my first ever wet formed bag.  The 1st thing I had to do was to make the wooden form which turned out very well and I got a great deal this morning on some nice 2.8mm vege tan leather that is now clamped in the wooden form to dry. I should find out in a few days if the wet forming has been successful or not . If all goes well it will look something like the example below .

And here is the leather I bought this morning clamped in the wood form . I really need bigger G clamps than the small 50mm ones I bought at the 100 yen store though !

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