Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ready to post

As you saw in the last post I have been making an 18th century replica Blackjack ( leather Beer Tankard ) . Well it is finished now and ready to post to Middle Earth , it turned out very nice and the overall form has improved a lot since my 1st one, I personally would love to keep it for myself but I already have one that I regularly drink from. The stitching is a lot neater and it looks more like an original than the previous ones. I have been studying online examples from museums in the UK and look forward to making some more. For further  info on my hand made leather blackjacks check out the link on the side of this blog which will take you to my website . Pictured below are are few photos that I took this morning of my latest blackjack .

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

18th century Blackjacks

As you may have seen on this page, I also make replica 18th century blackjacks , not the modern type with the handles sewn onto the outside , but authentic replicas of what blackjacks used to look like in the 18th century.  These are not easy items to produce but I really enjoy the challenge of crafting them. Currently on the bench is a blackjack I am working on with has a leather filler in the handle , this was sometimes used when extra thick leather was not available.