Saturday, 26 March 2016

Weilding the Lochabor Axe

Pictured below is a fantastic video of my friend Kyle McIntosh weilding his home made replica Lochabor axe . The steel blade and hook which forms the axe head was made by a local blacksmith and Kyle constructed the rest himself and as you can see from the video has also learnt how to use

The Lochabor axe was not a specialist weapon , but just a cheap substitute for soldiers of the Jacobite army who did not have the means to own either a broadsword or firelock . The Lockabor axes were constructed by local blacksmiths which is what Kyle did to obtain is replica. It is reported that several hundred were made quickly in Aberdeen in late 1715 for the Earl of Mars levies and some imagines of Jacobites with Lochabor axes can be seen in the famous Penicuik sketches from 1745 as per the image posted below. 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Scottish targes

I have just started on designing my 1st ever replica Scottish targe , actually two of them will be made one by my wife and the other by myself. According to research they varied in size from 45 - 55 cm in diameter and were made up from two cross sections of boards running the opposite direction for strength. They were then covered in leather with brass nails forming Celtic patterns, some were also carved as well to form more intricate designs. The backing was made up of animal hide often deer or goat and then straps were added to the back in order to carry it. They were used from the early 17th century to the battle of Culloden in 1746.  The Scottish highlanders main mean of defense in battle was his targe which was designed to stand heavy blows from his opponents weapons. Some targes also utilized a metal spike which protruded from the center boss. Pictured below are a few photos of original targes now housed in museums in Scotland.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

18th century bonnet pattern

If you have always wanted a traditional 18th century Scottish bonnet like the one pictured above , the following instructions will help you make it. The above bonnet was knitted to this pattern and then felted to achieve the correct look, it is perfect for winter but almost too hot for the summer .

Friday, 4 March 2016

Saving money !

In an effort to save more money for the cause ,I have not had a haircut now for over a year and a half, the horse trip to the nearest village to see the barber was an extra expensive and with so many red coats patrolling the glens these days its a risk being a Jacobite. A man in my position cannot afford to get captured when I have a family to support !