Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Steel Bonnets - The story of the Anglo - Scottish Border Reiver's

The Steel Bonnets from the author of the Flashman novels - I have just started reading it but it is fantastic , so if you want to learn more about the Border Reivers this is a great reference book and full of interesting stories about the famous riding families of the borders . As some of my family came from the Scottish Borders I was keen to learn more about this part of Scotland and purchased this book on a recommendation from a fellow Jacobite reenactor . 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Scottish history books

If you really want to understand how life was like in 18th century Scotland and the hardships people faced during the Jacobite rising the set of books below will help you understand it a lot better. The books below were purchased due to recommendations from fellow members of the Jacobite Rising Reenactors Facebook page . I have found them most informative, so if you are keen to learn more any of the titles below in the photo are well worth buying !

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Highland Targe by Kyle McIntosh

Have you have ever wanted to make a Highland Targe ? , if so you should check out the step by step photos posted below. The targe below was made by fellow Jacobite reenactor & friend Kyle McIntosh of the Historic highlanders living history group based out of Vancouver Island B.C , You can check out their facebook page at the following link

This is the best detailed instructions on making a targe that I have ever seen and posted below are the steps to go about building your own targe, as you can see the finished result is fantastic and very authentic.

      Trace the nail pattern onto a stencil and puncture the nails through 

Tape the pattern to the targe and mark the design onto the leather by making small punctures on the leather.

Nail design hammered into the leather.

Use scrap wool, hair, fur, or straw to add some padding to the back where the forearm will strap on.

Cover the back padding with the hair on hide.

Wrap around and nail down the leather front onto the back of the targe.

Nail design and center brass boss.

Brass nails add protection against sword blows and even musket fire at a distance.

                     I added two brass D rings to fasten a strap for carrying the targe over the shoulder.

The forearm strap is adjustable so it can be tightened around the arm. The second strap goes around the wrist so that your hand is free to grasp the dirk.

                                         Top D ring for carrying over the shoulder.

I would like to say a big thanks to Kyle McIntosh for allowing me to share his targe making instructions , If you like a challenge and enjoy making things yourself , this would be a great historical project and something you can either display or use for Jacobite reenactment events. 

                                     Pictured below is kyle McIntosh with his custom made targe !