Saturday, 31 October 2015

18th century Jacobite impression update

Well I've come a long way since I first put together my 18th century Jacobite kit. I had worked out what I needed near the start and the list kept growing as I learnt more from experienced Jacobite reenactors abroad. Now I have all my kit , some of the items that I could not make were purchased online mainly from my tailor Hunter Cogle in the USA who was also kind enough to help me find the other period items I required such as a pair of replica 18th century spectacles and the correct pattern canteen. If you want to do it correctly it will take sometime to research and put together your impression depending of what type of person you are portraying . My impression is of a rank and file tenant ( middle class ) who would have been a smallholder , renting some land from his clan chief. When time allows I hope to take some better photos in the mountains  in full kit. Also 18th century cooking is something I'd like to try as well, so I need to do more research on that as well.

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