Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scottish Targe

Recently a friend of mine in Canada just completed making his first Scottish Targe, the base of his project is a 3/4 inch piece of  plywood 20 inches in diameter . A pattern is then marked out on a template and the antique domed nailed are pushed through the holes in the pattern. Then the top of the targe is covered in leather and the back is covered in either deer, cow or goat hide with the hair left on . The front circle of leather is stretched over the sides and tacked into place and then the center shield boss is attached and finally the domed nails are hammered into position forming the pattern that you marked out on the template. The back of the targe has a leather forearm loop than can be adjustable and a hand loop as well. The targe was held in the left hand so you could still grasp the dirk ( long knife ) while your sword was in your right hand. The two D ring are for attaching a carrying strap so the targe can be slung over the shoulder when walking.

Pictured below are some photos of his replica targe

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