Saturday, 13 June 2015

Hand made sporran review

Hi Everyone

As a kilt wearer now for quite some time I have always worn sporrans and recently with my new found leather craft skills I finally got around to making my first ever sporran. The pattern that I used was taken from the net , and the maker a Scot now living in Australia claims it was a copy that he saw in the Kelvin Grove museum in Glasgow. As I've never visited the museum he mentions I can not back up his claim  but liked the style so made one for myself.

I had been given a large roll of what I think was pigskin suede which was a light color but after cutting out the 5 pieces and hand stitching the front leather support and the back , front flap ( these pieces need   to be thicker to give support to the final shape ) I used a water based brown leather dye. Color wise it turned out fine in the end but next time I will find the correct color suede to start with which will make thinks easy. Pictured below are all the pieces cut out prior to dying the leather brown .

The gusset that gives the sporran it's width needed to be joined together , but one long piece would be better next time. After hand stitching the front support and the back onto the main parts I then dyed it brown. These support parts were made up of double leather , but a separate piece of thicker leather would be better , but I was making use of the leather I had in stock rather than buying something new.

It it constructed but sewing the entire sporran inside out and then once finished you can turn it out, this can only be achieved when using a soft leather as a hard leather would make it too difficult to turn out. Holes are punched into the leather for the top drawstring , the front support panel and the back for a belt loop. This sporran can be worn either directly from a kilt belt or it can hang from a separate belt. For the button I ended up making a wooden button with a thick leather supporter underneath to give room for the leather cord. Instead of a wooden button you could use a slice of antler or even make a leather knot called a turks head.

I'm pretty happy with the results of my 1st ever sporran and learnt a lot , so I'm sure the next one will be even better. . For those of you who want to make your own one here is the link to the instructions or if you contact me I'd be happy to sell you one. 



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