Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cogle Historical tailoring

In 2014 I decided that I would like to find a tailor to make me a highland short coat and after trying several online listed historical tailors with no luck ( none of them e mailed me back at all ) , I them stumbled upon the following website from the USA after looking through their photo gallery and seeing how authentic they looked I contacted them in hope of finding their groups tailor. Not only did one of their members  get in touch with me ,but he also forwarded my inquiry to Hunter Cogle who does historical tailoring for a living and is very familiar with the Jacobite period as he is a historical reenactor himself along with his wife Breanna . After several e mails back and forth discussing details ,such as which tartan and viewing samples of the different cuff styles . I placed an order for a highland short coat.  After Hunter has received my measurements I then received in the mail a mock up of the jacket made from muslin so I could check to see if it fit and could then inform Hunter if any changes needed to be made. Once Hunter has received the mock up back the turn around time is about 4 months or so depending on how busy they are.

So first up lets take a look at the highland short coat, the entire coat is made from tartan woven on the Isle of Harris in Scotland, it is also fully lined with linen with working pockets and 4 button cuffs with navy blue wool facing . All the button holes are hand stitched and all the buttons are tartan fabric ball buttons . The pockets have non buttoning flaps but are nice and deep so their is plenty of room to carry something if needed . The overall fit of the coat is perfect and the back also has 3 pleated gussets to allow the feileadh Mor to be worn underneath.

As you can see from above the highland short coat is a period correct item of clothing, this is how clothes were made in the 18th century and is designed to be worn and used. Hunter and his wife Breanna take a lot of pride in their work and it shows in the items they produce. 

The highland waistcoat is of the same type of construction as the coat, at first I only wanted a coat but seeing the quality of Hunters work I decided to order a matching waistcoat as well. The waist coat uses the same tartan fabric ball buttons as the coat and has nice deep pockets similar to the coat. , it is fully lined with linen and the back is made from linen with a split back with fixes together with linen ties.  This is another high quality item and together they look fantastic. The waist coat like the coat is a perfect fit and very comfortable to wear. 

If you are looking for some authentic 18th century clothes and in particular Jacobite period clothing, I would highly recommend Cogle Historical tailoring. They know what they are talking about, both being reenactors themselves and they have studied the period clothing the reproduce in detail and are very helpful when placing an order with them. 

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