Wednesday, 24 June 2015

A day off

Today is a day off from my regular job at the bicycle shop so of course I was kilted. In the photo below I'm wearing a lightweight Blackwatch kilt ( not very Jacobite - but it's cooler than some of my other kilts ) , my straight lasted 1758 latchet shoes which have been converted to ties instead of buckles with a pair of home made moggans , tartan footless bag hose ( I need to make some footed hose sometime instead ) , long white puff sleeve cotton shirt with neck stock and my new linen split back tartan waist coat from Cogle historical tailoring . I'm also wearing a grey felt bonnet that I made although the headband needs re sizing to give it a better fit. Even though the temperature today is about 28 deg I'm quite comfortable , but maybe the hot weather in August will really put me to the test.  Please excuse the modern white fence

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