Saturday, 23 May 2015

On the grass

Living in the middle of a concrete jungle here in Niigata it is a rare occasion  to step foot on grass , so today I attended my step daughters school sports festival and they have a fantastic grass sports field so we could have a nice picnic under the trees while watching the sports festival

Thursday, 21 May 2015

lace up 1758 shoes

After discovering that most people wore lace up shoes rather than buckles in Scotland in the mid 18th century I ordered another pair of Fugawee 1758 shoes ( this time half a size smaller ) , cut the latchets off and punched a couple of holes per side for leather laces. The laces shown in the photo below slip when walking so I'm now using black cotton tape instead. But will try to find some strong leather buckskin in black if I can . One good point is they are more comfortable than buckles and more common to the period . It seems that buckles were only worn by the upper class in Scotland and as I'm trying to portray someone of middle class the lace up shoes are the better choice.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Fugawee 1758 shoes

Just arrived yesterday from the USA , my 2nd pair of 1758 straight lasted rough leather out shoes, I love these shoes as the come in a wide variety of sizes, so this time I ordered 9.5 EE instead of 10 EE which gives me a much better fit. With these shoes I will cut the latchets down and punch a couple of holes on each side for leather laces that way I will have a pair of common lace up 18th century shoes for a middle class Jacobite impression as lace up shoes were far more common than buckles which would have been expensive in the mid 1700s . If you are looking for a pair of good quality but not expensive mens 18th century shoes check out

Monday, 4 May 2015

18th century wallet

18th century wallets - When I first became interested in the 18th century I bought a cheap leather wallet from an online sulter only to be disappointed in it's quality so that prompted me to learn leather craft. My 1st real stitching project is a copy of my wallet I purchased online. First of all I do not know anything about wallets in the 18th century, so if anyone can give me more information on what they looked like that would be great. The green leather is incorrect for the period I'm sure but it was in the bargain box at the local leather shop for 2000 yen so it was a good deal for a beginner like me to practice some stitching. comments most welcome. I still have some green leather left over so I will make another one which hopefully will be better 

Pictured below are a couple of photos taken from the 18th century material website resource showing a leather pocket book from 1777 , not the closure system which is a leather strap which is the same style that I have reproduced. The main difference is the front flap design