Friday, 10 April 2015

Small 18th century haversack

As I had some spare cotton canvas left over from my snapsack project I thought I would make my wife a smaller version of a 18th century haversack, the common shoulder bag for soldiers and travelers throughout the 18th century. It turned out ok in the end but I am unable to find pewter buttons here in Japan so had to make do with some cheap metal ones instead. It was also the first time I have ever tried to hand sew button holes , now I know how to do it so I'm sure next time it will be a lot easier to make this style of bag.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Leather craft - my first ever project

For quite some time now I have been wanting to learn how to stitch leather as there are so many items that I would love to make by myself. Last year I purchased a nice set of leather stitching tools and recently I also purchased a nice 130cm x 5 cm wide black cow hide leather belt blank. But I still had now idea as to the correct method of stitching leather , but luckily one of my customers at Albannach were I work is a fantastic leather craftsman and last night he gave up several hours of his free time to teach me how to stitch leather correctly using two needles and some hemp thread. The result of my 1st ever leather class is pictured below which is a nice kilt belt with a antique style brass double prong buckle with my friend David Maclean from NZ gave me .

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New water bottle

I took a walk through the local park today to check out the plum and cherry blossoms which had started to bloom. I also made a temporary metal water canteen from an old bottle that I bought in NZ, someone had destroyed the original blue enamel coating on it  , but after welding 4 tabs onto the bottle it will do until I can get a period correct one which is pictured at the bottom of this post

Pictured below is a period correct French & Indian war canteen that I hope to buy later on , these at present are only available from Sulters in the USA