Thursday, 5 March 2015

The sporran

The sporran is necessary because the kilt as a un tailored garment does not have any pockets, the early type sporrans hung directly from the kilt belt and were used to carry food or other small items whilst out working . These were all made of leather and some were buttoned down or held together by some form of drawstring. later on the sporran was hung on a separate leather belt then in the Victorian age sporrans became more fancy using animal hair and silver mounts. There is a vast range of sporrans available today from sporrans made out of fake leather which looks like cardboard ! to high quality hand crafted sporrans. In my opinion if you are serious about portraying someone from the Jacobite period you need to do a lot of research , study old paintings and period artwork and talk to people that have been doing that for many years.  Then you will get an idea what type of sporran is suitable . My first sporran was terrible, so bad that I threw it away when I had a better Jacobite period one made.  Pictured below are various sporrans that are suitable for the 1700s , if you do get one made make sure that it is nether too small or too large and is easy to open for daily use.

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