Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Snapsack

The snapsack is very well documented in period artwork showing both soldiers and civilians using  it transport items whilst on the move. Some information states that it was made out of linen or a type of cotton canvas and there is also evidence that is was made using a skin of an animal , maybe cow or goat with the animal hair on the outside. The linen bags also had a linen strap and either ties sewn into the bag or some form of drawstring to keep the top closed whilst walking. Some bags even had adjustable straps as well. I have been studying artwork and modern reproductions of these recently as I want to make one , I think to save money at first I will make mine from a natural cotton canvas which is hard wearing but strong enough to carry a decent load. Later on I would love to make one from an animal hide such as the one pictured below. Whilst doing research into this type of bag the name sausage bag also appears as well , but basically looks the same. Pictured below are various types of snapsacks .

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