Friday, 6 March 2015

Book review - Highland Folk Ways by I F Grant

If you really want to learn what life was like for highlanders in Scotland this book will provide a fantastic reference to many aspects of their daily  life such as how the land was divided for farming, coastal fishing villages, how their houses were constructed and the types of food they cooked. The author I F Grant started a museum dedicated to the lifestyles of the highlanders and sort to collect many of their daily items for display in her museum as well as recording the oral histories of the older generation before the information was lost. The book also covers the type of clothing that was worn and the type of instruments that were played etc . The book has some fantastic sketches showing some of the more popular items in the book .  This book is widely available and  I was recommended it by a fellow Jacobite reenator and historian as a great place to start to widen my knowledge of that period.  Well worth the money and a useful reference that you can refer to often when doing research.  

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